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How To Escape Prison Star Citizen

They did mention changes coming to the prison escape route, so i wonder if this will be valid still. It's a level 0 implementation of this feature.

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Star citizen is an open development alpha project by cloud imperium.

How to escape prison star citizen. Follow the path straight and walk towards the end of the high ceiling cave. Unless there are people continuously camping the exit. This makes all of the other prison gameplay completely pointless.

In star citizen, i will show you how to escape prison as of pa. With waiting or mining you can then go to the release area respawn out of prison. Bounty hunters will be able to come after you, as well.

Merits are earned by working for the prison, currently in the form of mining. That's why the prison was built there. Hold f and use mouse wheel to scroll in for a closer view.

Stuck in star citizen prison? Hey everyone, just a little tip if your looking for the four number code to stop the fan to initiate your prison escape it can be seen behind the blinds of a small administration room to the right as you head towards the mines. It took him about 15 minutes going slow and explaining it.

Following the numbered signs in the mines through the clear areas until hitting sector 15, at the back of sector 15 area is an opening into natural caves with no mining equipment or lighting, and one of the blue flowers that mark the escape routes. Star citizen v3.9 prison break guide v3.9 introduced the prison system to star citizen., watch as i show you how to escape! The equipment will be provided to you upon spawning in prison, but be warned that parts of the caves are either depressurized or not within the armistice zone, meaning you are at risk.

It’s built in the starengine (a modified lumberyard engine). The problem is that as there's no physical inventory yet, you carry all your armors and weapons, so you would loose all. Even if you know the way out it can be very difficult.

Just give a hefty fine for now until you fix this crap. To begin the escape the ventilation system has to be powered off with a code that is displayed on a monitor in the security office near the commissary. Until you do, dying sends you back to prison.

There's a couple jump puzzles along the route, but mostly its just hard to find the flowers in the massive caverns with poor lighting. Remove the detention center until its fixed. Currently there is 1 escape route currently working as far as i am aware in the (ptu anyway) and it’s not through the main mines… it’s via a broken fan in the main prion hub.

Once you get off of aberdeen your first goal is to get to security port kareah and hack your crimestat away. Once you've escaped a few times you can probably do it in about 5 minutes. Bambooza, vahadar, talonsbane and 1 other person.

Unacceptable and back to playing elite dangerous. Through the use of merits, you can legally shorten your existing prison sentence. It is possible to escape from the prison through a cave that starts behind a ventilation shaft.

In this video i do a step by step guide on how to escape from prison. Where to find the prison vent code alpha 3.11. Reading the logs this same issue has been going on for years.

I guess that later on you would loose only what you carry. Alternatively follow the video at top. Why would anyone serve their time if it takes 5 minutes to just walk out?

Here is map to confuse you even more! Stuck with the same black screen & put back in jail cell. You need someone willing to take the risk and come pick you up.

Once you have entered the tunnels though the fan, i would recommend exploring for a bit, getting familiar with the escape route and the aberdeen gravity. It is 2 games really though, the persistent universe that aims to build a first person mmo space sim that encompasses gameplay in ship & on ground, economy and pretty much anything else you can think of. Climb up the ledge and jump to the ledge across behind, then do the same again and continue going up.

Ask in global chat if you have to. If you’re interested in learning about combat feel free to join us! It makes sense, because your equipment would be confiscated in the prison warehouse.

There is however another way!

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