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How To Turn Off Change Oil Light 2014 Jeep Patriot

Thank you for using car how to and the oil reset pro app. Turn the key to the off position and then back on to confirm reset was accepted.

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The oil change light reset jeep cherokee 2015 will need to be performed after every oil change.

How to turn off change oil light 2014 jeep patriot. 2007 jeep compass w/107700 miles. How to reset jeep patriot oil change light in 3 easy steps! Depress the fuel pedal slowly to the floor and back up three times within 10 seconds.

I let off the gas and coasted down the exit ramp. Fully depress and release the accelerator pedal 3 times within 10 seconds. Turn the ignition switch to the off/lock position.

How do you reset the oil change light on your 2008 jeep commander? The jeep jk was not originally equipped with a service reminder, or oil change alert. Jeep patriot oil change indicator reminder reset.

I shut the car off for a few minutes and restarted with no light. For more oil reset and diy maintenance, make sur to subscribe to our channel! Set the gear to the park position.

With the key in the ignition but in the off postion press and hold your odometer trip button in then turn your key to the first postion hold the trip button in for 5 seconds the display will read oil service or inspection then it will say reset release the button and then press it again untill the reset starts to flash then release and press the button briefly to reset Just do an oil change and disconnect the ground cable for 20 mins, and see what happens. When an oil change is due on the jeep patriot, the ‘oil change required’ light notification will illuminate on the instrument panel.

For certain jeep products, including the wrangler, how to reset an oil change light is as follows: So we’re going to reset that light right now. No issues with this jeep since i.

Turn the ignition to the “ on ” position. After that, you’ll hear the ding that means your maintenance oil reset is all reset and ready to go until the following oil change. Turn the ignition to the run position.

Turn the ignition off and then start the engine to verify the indicator has been reset. There's a thing you can do where you hold down the wee journey clock reset button and then turn the ignition to the on position and it does something. Learn how to do this by following the directions below:

Turn the key to the on position second click of the key but do not start. Jeep patriot oil change required light reset guide. Changing the oil will not reset or turn off the alert;

So basically, to get that light off, you just turned the key to the run position, and then you’re going to take your foot on the gas pedal and press it three times. Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the “on” position without starting the engine. Below is the procedure for the jeep cherokee 2015.

Oil change light reset jeep cherokee 2015. Turn the key to on/run position with engine off. I kept the car running so i could check the oil level which was fine.

To reset the 2017 jeep patriot oil change indicator after an oil change service, please follow these instructions: I am thinking its the oil sending unit/switch. Fully depress the accelerator pedal slowly three times within 10 seconds.

To reset the oil change indicator system (after performing the scheduled maintenance), refer to the following procedure: Stop, shut off and continue. Key on engine off, press gas pedal to the floor three times, cycle key off ans on.

I continued down the highway for about 25 more minutes and the light came on again. Slowly push the accelerator all. Not sure what, but it does something.

Fully depress the accelerator pedal slowly three times within 10 seconds. How to reset oil change required light on jeep patriot. If it is not reset the system will be unable to properly track when your next oil change is due.

Get a repair manual for your car: The oil change light will stay off until it is time to change your oil again. Turn the ignition to run (one position before starting engine).

You can reset this light using these steps. The change oil alert is likely to come on approximately every 3000 miles. Do not start the engine.

Reset change oil light on 2014 jeep compass. Turn the ignition switch to the on/run position. Insert key into the ignition and turn key to “on” without starting the engine.

After your oil change and servicing is complete, you might need to reset the oil change indicator system in your jeep. Make sure you have done the change oil reset first. It must be manually reset.

#2 · sep 21, 2013. Jeep liberty oil change service maintenance reminder light reset. Slowly depress the accelerator pedal three times in succession in under.

Turn the key to the off position. If you dont want to do an oil change just disconnect ground for 20 mins. Set the gear to the park position.

Do not start the vehicle. If you liked this video and found it helpful feel free to like, share, and comment to help us bring even better content.


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